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Anonymous asked
What do you mean by "fuck flattering" in your tags?

It means a number of things. To me, it’s about breaking the rules that would tell anybody what to wear: rules that say fat people can’t wear horizontal stripes, rules that mean plus-size clothes shops only sell sacks in neutral colours, rules that say girls that don’t shave or wax their body hair off are disgusting, and guys that do are weird.

But this blog isn’t just about me, by any measure, so here’s what it means to our followers:

To me, “fuck flattering” means you don’t need to follow rules set up to hide the “bad” parts of your body. There are no bad parts. - keepyourcorsetstight

I know what looks good on me and you don’t >:P - carriejoylol

It’s not my responsibility to be visibly appealing to others. Bodies are wondrous/valid; so is mine. All of it. There are no ‘problem areas’. - lonestarhotel

Fuck flattering means wearing pants after three years of avoiding them, since they don’t hide the largest part of my body. Fuck flattering means wearing a tight shirt, even if it show my round belly. Fuck flattering means wearing short shorts, despite my fat thighs, giant ass, and cellulite. Fuck flattering means my body looks good even when it doesn’t look thin. - justthinkingaboutcatsagain

For me fuck flattering is the rejection of the idea of ‘beautiful.’ I feel that I am free to be as ugly as I please and I’m happy with it. I don’t have to be beautiful or cute or sexy. I can just be a fat ugly hairy woman and get along with my life. - blogzillaaaaa

Fuck flattering to me, means ‘breaking’ the ‘rules’ that have been given to me, at the expense of myself, my well being, in favor of others. - thatnewromantic

Magazines, clothes stores, tv shows and my peers all perpetuate the idea that you can just about get away with being fat, as long as you adhere to the hourglass ideal. Fat stomachs are just about acceptable, as long as you tame them with spanx, and highlight your waist with a belt. We’re taught to hide the bad parts of our bodies, when really there are no bad parts. We’re taught to follow society’s rules about how to appropriately dress for our body shape, when really the only rules that matter are the ones that we make for ourselves. - faysbook, an excerpt from this post

I hope that answers your question!

- Sam

Anonymous asked
Have you ever considered that reblogging someone's photo and labeling it "fuck flattering" might be offensive to some? :/ Who are you, mod, to judge what is or isn't flattering?

Yes! I have considered that, and I’ve thought about writing a quick “About” post for the three main tags we reblog, too. Maybe I’ll get on that soon, in light of this.

First let me promise, if any of the mods have reblogged anything from you with or without a tag you don’t like, please message us un-anon and let us know and I absolutely promise you we’ll do whatever you want, be that changing a comment, changing a tag, or removing the post altogether. Your posts are your posts, even if you submit them to us, let alone if we reblog them.

Secondly, I’d like to say that #fuck flattering, formatted as a tag, isn’t quite right. Rather, the catchcry is FUCK “FLATTERING” - a comment on the idea that [especially female] bodies are held up to this idea that it is a requirement for us to always try to look our best. FUCK “FLATTERING” says fuck that. Fuck “don’t wear horizontal stripes, they make you look fatter.” Fuck “you should grow your hair long, you look slimmer.” Fuck shaving your body hair if you don’t want to, fuck wearing make up if you don’t want to, fuck baggy clothes if it’s not what you want to wear. It’s not about what I consider flattering - I try to only tag “fuck flattering” on posts that I see as deliberately subverting societal ideas of what people “ought” to do.

Last, and pretty much purely as a side-note not intended to derail the original question, I just want to point out that tags added to reblogs are only used to allow location on that blog. When we tag reblogs with #fuck flattering, #fuck modesty or #fuck hiding, it’s just to allow people browsing body-posi to narrow down what they’re looking for. Different people need encouragement on different issues, and that’s all it’s for. It’s just our way of categorising.

Again, if anybody has an issue with getting reblogged here, our ask box is a very friendly place.

- Sam