This blog is positive.

This blog is body positive, gender positive, and sexuality positive.

There is nobody whose body does not belong on these pages. However, we still have submission guidelines; please read before submitting.

This is a celebration of self-love. All bodies are beautiful, amazing things and they contain beautiful, amazing people.

It should go without saying, but this is not a porn blog. These images are not sexual. If you can't comprehend that, you do not belong here.

Do not disrespect the people who have shared these pictures by misusing them.

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Anonymous asked
I am recovering from anorexia and am almost done with my weight restoring journey. Would it be appropriate for me to submit a picture here? Or is this blog more for curvy women? I don't want to offend anyone.

Hey! Thanks for asking. This blog is for everyone, especially to aid with recovery. Please feel free to submit!

We only ask that you keep things positive, don’t discuss weights/numbers, and preferably add trigger warnings (but we can do that if you don’t).

Anonymous asked
Is there anyway to submit anonymously?

Sure, just sign out of Tumblr and visit the page, and it’ll be anonymous.

Anonymous asked
hi ok this is probably a dumb question sorry, but what do you guys mean by "fuck flattering"??? i mean i get all the rest like fuck modesty and hiding and shame but "flattery" just seems like the odd one out ya know??? so yeah just curious sorry this ask is probably really pointless wow!!!!!!!

hey, i don’t think there’s such a thing as a dumb question as long as you’re not coming here with some fat-shaming or hateful bullshit :)

FUCK FLATTERING is actually the first one i came across! it’s primarily about giving the finger to the idea that certain bodies should be dressed and displayed in certain ways.

it’s hard to really separate it from the others as they’re all very much linked. it’s about refusing to feel shame for taking up space, it’s about resisting the calls to hide “unsightly” body parts, it’s about rebelling against the idea that there is a particular way to dress to make up for perceived flaws.

it’s saying NO to rules about stripes being fattening (so what?)

it’s saying NO to only ever taking photos that hide chins and bellies that people should be proud of

it’s saying NO to wearing jeans and long-sleeved shirts in heatwaves to hide fat arms and thunder thighs

it’s saying NO to plus-sized clothes being either shapeless sacks or restrictive, shaping controlwear to disguise so-called “problem areas” 

it’s saying NO to anybody who would tell you what to wear or how to exist

- Sam

Anonymous asked
thank you so fucking much for this blog

thank you so fucking much for this message <3

- Sam

Anonymous asked
i have been skinny my entire life i dont know why because i eat like a pig. but id kill to gain 20lbs to look plump where i need it (mostly in my thighs and butt area) if you have any websites or secrets please help me

TW: Weight-gain, diet talk, body negativity

It’s not really a secret, but here: You don’t need to force your body to look different. You don’t need to look different. You don’t need to change your body.

If you eat whatever you want and stay the size you are, it’s a pretty clear message from your body that it’s the size it is meant to be.

Channel your energy into accepting this. Instead of making an effort  to change your body, make an effort to change your perception. Your body is the way it is and that’s awesome.

Practice self love; practice looking at yourself and being happy with what you see. Put on nice clothes and check out your own ass. Appreciate the good things that come with your size - it’s easier and cheaper to find clothes for skinny people, for example.

Once more with feeling: you do not need your body to be any size other than the size it wants to be.

Anonymous asked
I see a lot of curvier girls here. People that "accept their bigger size." That is amazing and I'm happy for them but what about the other end? I'm recovering from anorexia and my body is gross and now. My bones stick out and my muscles are weak due to nalnutrition. I hate my body.

TW: Disordered Eating

I’m sorry that you feel that way. I understand how hard it can be when you look at yourself and you don’t like what you see. I would like for you to focus on what you are doing - you are recovering. That fact alone makes you strong, it makes you capable. The shape and size of your body is completely unrelated to your value as a person.

I’m sorry that you don’t see your body represented here. It is very difficult for us to reblog pictures that would be representative without worrying about triggering people. It’s also important to bear in mind that thin bodies are already strongly represented and worshipped in the media, while fat bodies are not; so most of the content here is designed to offset that.

With that said, I mean what I have said in writing “all bodies are welcome here.” You are encouraged to submit, as an act of self-care or to do your part to represent bodies like yours. While I’m reluctant to reblog pictures of thin bodies, I am much more reluctant to pass over a submission with a powerful message.

Anonymous asked
im sorry but why are we okay with posting pictures of people in culturally insensitive and culturally appropriate costumes? ...

Shit.. I am so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention; You’re spot on. I’ve removed that post now.

Sincere apologies to anybody that submission offended.

Anonymous asked
I'm only at the very beginning of trying to accept and come to love my body just the way it is, but I wanted to thank you for making this blog, because browsing it (and others like it) I've come to feel hope again. It truly is a life savior and I'm so amazed by all these people and their shapes, everyone so beautiful in their very own way. Thank you a lot, all of you are inspiring!

I am really very flattered and pleased to have been helpful to you. Best wishes on your journey!

- Sam

Anonymous asked
so much respect for this blog

Thank you so much! This is a pretty awesome message to get.

- Sam

Anonymous asked