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This blog is body positive, gender positive, and sexuality positive.

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This is a celebration of self-love. All bodies are beautiful, amazing things and they contain beautiful, amazing people.

It should go without saying, but this is not a porn blog. These images are not sexual. If you can't comprehend that, you do not belong here.

Do not disrespect the people who have shared these pictures by misusing them.

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This is how much space I consume. I overlap myself. I spill over every boundary. I test the strength of every object. But I am still just a frail little fighter, trying desperately to figure out how to live in this world. I am also a big ass bitch that wants to battle every standard, every tradition, every expectation, every ideal. I conflict with myself so much, and in my heart there is always a war between me and myself, me and the rest of the world, me and the standards I struggle to meet. But I am also burning in my skin, bursting at the seams with ideas and anger and revelations and love. It isn’t easy being alive, not for anyone. I am just trying to be the best me I can be, even if it disgusts you…especially if it inspires you… <3


Embrace every bump, roll and stretch mark.
You are beautiful.





I really just like all the fat in this photo-set.

actual queen


my fat on my own dashboard.. i’m so full of myself I’m reblogging it. 8-)


Sometimes I have a hard time believing that beautiful images involve me.

Other times, I can’t understand why I would ever doubt it.